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Heavy is the head that wears the crown. Grab this issue (i’m coppin’ 2!) when it hits shelves Tuesday, December 4th, ya bish.

And that’s the truth, Ruth.



We going crazy and I always use my best sense, but it don’t matter cause I stay on my Fresh Prince. Maxin’, relaxin’, shootin’ some pool and, playing some b-ball outside of the school and.

– KanYe West “Diamonds Remix feat. Rihanna”

NEW BANGER: Roze Ghold feat. Brennan Gauthier “Stay Up”

YO. You are now in the presence of the almighty, KB. Right now, i’m here to tell you bout some new “Heat 4 Da Street”. This is fam right here. My boy Yacht Prince, along with my boys Retro Nova and King K and Brennan Gauthier came to bless yall with a new banger, Stay Up. Visit them at SUPPORT SUPPORT SUPPORT. @yachtprince @Chvlln @_KingKGhold @rozeghold

Stay gholden.

And that’s the truth, Ruth.

Album Review: KDot “good kid, m.A.A.d city” (Track-by-Track)

YO. Your eyes and minds are now being occupied by the words of the almighty, KB.

Lets skip all the formal introductions ..we ain’t meeting  the Queen of England or nothin’ like that. We came here to talk about pure, 100%, unadulterated HIP-HOP. Speaking of pure, 100%, unadulterated hip-hop, does the name Kendrick Lamar Duckworth ring a bell? Or what about KDot? No? ok…..what about “Look Out For Detox”……or “Section.80″……or “Overly Dedicated”? If none of these ring a bell to you,  I can bet my bottom dollar you live under a rock, don’t have access to the internet, or you only listen to “radio rap”, A.K.A. the Mainstream. Ok. So lets say you are one of those, (or a mixture of all 3), here’s a way you’ll probably know him: on Drake’s Take Care album. You know “Marvin’s Room” right? ok. At the end of that joint, after seconds of somebody (that’s proally not Drake) playing the piano, there’s a lil “5 second rap” called “Buried Alive” where this kid spits for not too long, but long enough to where you’ll think “damn. who is this?!” well, he’s 


Ok, now that all that’s out the way, let me proceed to tell you about this…..masterpiece. Basically, in the words of KDot, “Everybody sit ya bitch ass down and listen to this true mothafuckin’ story told by Kendrick Lamar on Rosecranssss, ya bish.”

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