GET IT HERE: darKmatter’s “Mission: Mind Control” Beattape

Bismillah al-Rahman al-Rahim.

Formally and firstoff, I wanna thank KB for providing me with the password for this joint ‘Nshit. Not too many times a lil cool dude like that just pass out website info. But if you sittin’ in ya lil comfortable computer seats ‘Nshit wonderin’ “Who the hell is this guy?”, you now rocking with the presence they refer to as darKmatter, B. Make sure you capitalize that K too. Oh yeah but without any further ado ‘Nshit like that:

Mission: Mind ControlWanna present to yall my new joint, entitled Mission: Mind Control. All beats original, crafted by da God darKmatter before I disappeared from the public eye, feel me. ALL beats done on my MPC 1000. Leave your thoughts on MMC below in the comment section or hit me up on KB’s Twitter @MrSirCOOL. I feel like i’m talkin’ too much and ion want yall trying to ask me questions ‘Nshit about my whereabouts…so with that being said, Salam god.


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