KB’s Top 5 MC’s of All Time (and Why)

YO. You’re now rockin’ with the best, KLB. It’s not a secret that I am obsessed with hip-hop. O B S E S S E D my man. As far as hip-hop goes, I have to say its been a ride. KRS-One said it best “Rappers spit rhymes that are mostly illegal/MC’s spit rhymes to uplift they people.” Within this ride, some musical geniuses have passed through with nothing but a writing pad, a pen, and a microphone (I’ll take care of the producers, RAPPERS, and ARTISTS later). (Yes, i categorize the hell out of my music.) Without further ado, I present my top 5 MC’s ever (in no particular order).

1.) Daniel Dumile AKA Zev Love X AKA Viktor Vaughn AKA King Geedorah AKA Metal Fingers AKA Metal Face AKA The Supervillain BKA MF DOOM 20100727_doom_560x375

su·per·vil·lain – noun (ˈso͞opər,ˈvilən)

1.) A killer that loves children; one who is well skilled in destruction as well as building.

Please excuse my language when I say: I fucking love MF DOOM. I can honestly say that if I had a choice about my favorite MC….I’d be heavily, heavily, HEAVILY considering MF. The man of many names that lacks a chain, he’s an underground household name. Word to my brethren J.Short for introducing me him while we were still in high school. If you are still wondering why MF possibly deserves the title of best MC, its for lines like: “In living, the true gods/givin’ yall nothing but the lick like two broads/got more lyrics then the church got “Oooh Lord’s”/and he hold the mic at your attention like two swords.” or “Wrote this lyric in the bed with a chick/she had the tightest grip around the head of myyyyy…….” (here he pauses and gives us the impression he would be a regular rapper and say “dick”……nope. He abruptly comes back after the beat picks back up and finishes the rhyme by saying) “…..Bic, now can I get my pen back?” Like who the hell comes up with stuff like this? Only one man, “It’s a word! No, a name! MF THE SUPERVILLAIN.”

Favorite Songs: “Absolutely” (Born Like This), “Raid” (Madvillainy), “One Beer” (Mm…Food), “Doomsday” (Operation: Doomsday), “Sofa King” (DangerDoom)

2.) William Michael Griffin Jr. AKA Kid Wizard AKA Rakim Allah BKA Rakim


Eric B. is President. I Ain’t No Joke. I Know You Got Soul. Microphone Fiend. Follow The Leader. Paid In Full. The list can literally go on for day’s (and that was just a short list of Eric B. & Rakim classics. I never even started on Rakim’s solo classics). Any day of the week, under any weather condition, if you were to ask me “Who is rightfully the greatest MC of all time?”, my response would be “Rakim.” Rakim single handed-ly changed hip-hop, in the sense of lyricism and delivery. With most MC’s of the time virtually screaming on songs with high levels of energy, Rakim was one of the first (if not THE first) to take a cool, laidback approach to his recordings. His free-verse rhyme patterns also paved the way for hip-hop as we know it today, where instead of doing the conventional “rhyme-to-the-beat” style like that of Run DMC and LL Cool J, Rakim gave a more “Whenever-I-finish-the-rhyme-is-when-the-rhyme-is-over” style. Rakim is definitely a legend and pound-for-pound the best to ever do it.

Favorite Songs: “Paid In Full” (Paid In Full), “Guess Who’s Back” (The 18th Letter), “I Ain’t No Joke” (Paid In Full), “My Melody” (Paid In Full)

3.) Dante Terrell Smith AKA Pretty Flaco AKA Black Dante BKA Yasiin Bey (Mos Def)


Most know Mos (haha) for his recent venture into…..i guess you can call it “documented political statements”, where he undergoes a regular procedure done at the US-run prison known as Guantanamo Bay called “forced feeding.” If for some reason you forgot, he was in an orange jumpsuit being held down by the crew administering the procedure while crying and resisting the crew attempting to force the tube through his nostril until, after many minutes, saying Uncle and telling the crew to stop. If that’s how you choose to remember Yasiin Bey (formerly Mos Def), then go ahead. YET, the rest of the world knows him as one of the best MC’s to ever grace a mic (at least I see him that way). Yasiin was first widely known for his work with friend Talib Kweli as the collective Black Star, then venturing into a solo career and dropping straight GEMS such as Black on Both Sides and The Ecstatic. He also has a good acting career as well. I just feel like Yasiin gets overlooked wayyyyyy too much and deserves his fair share of the “Greatest MC’s of All Time” cake.

Favorite Songs: “Brooklyn” (Black on Both Sides) “Climb” (Black on Both Sides) “The Rape Over” (The New Danger) “Sunshine” (The New Danger) “Breakdown” (Brown Sugar: Official Soundtrack) “Auditorium” (The Ecstatic) “History” (The Estatic) “Exhibit B Remix” (Jay Electronica ft. Mos Def)

4.) Lonnie Rashid Lynn Jr. AKA Common Sense BKA Common


You love to hear the story, again and again/about these young brothas from the city of wind…” Coming straight from the 312, to be exact the 773, the Southside of Chicago, a place I call my second home, hails a man who I heavily look up to, respect, and hope to one day work with, Common. Common, at this point and time, is pretty much a household name. There aren’t too many people on this earth who haven’t heard at least one song by him, and there aren’t too many people that haven’t seen his face on their TV screen before. It baffles me how one man can deliver such soul and emotions like he can. Common can go from talking about having sex with a woman, to explaining how he plans to love that woman, to explaining how he is actually loving the woman, to breaking up with woman all in ONE verse, and the one verse will sound like the smoothest shit you’ve ever heard. Did I also mention that he is one of the nastiest freestylers of all time? Common actually FREESTYLES (un-written bars) and it STILL sounds written. Common has one of the highest levels of consistency in the game, and has worked with and deeply befriended my favorite musician (Dilla), Kanye, No I.D., Will.I.Am etc. It was no way on this earth that I would not mention this lyrical powerhouse. Know why? ‘Cause I got Common Sense.

Favorite Songs (It was so hard but I had to narrow it down to just a few): “The Light” (Like Water For Chocolate) “The Food” (Be) “It’s Your World” (Be) “Funky For You” (Like Water For Chocolate) “Thelonius” (Like Water For Chocolate) “Black Maybe” (Finding Forever) “Break My Heart” (Finding Forever)

5.) KRS-One and GZA and Chuck D

LMAO. I couldn’t narrow it down.

Welp, there you go joe. There are others but I (tried) to stick to five haha. Stay tuned for my Top 5 Fav. Producers of all Time, Top 5 Fav. Rappers of all Time, and my Top 5 Fav. Artists of all Time.

And that’s the truth, Ruth.


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