In loving memory of da God Simon Leon Brown.

This is KB speaking, here to inform you on the powerful, other-worldly force that has yet to be fully explained by man. Consisting of a plethora of monikers, he is mostly known to the Gods and neighboring galaxies as darKmatter. The God darKmatter went into hiding, and hasn’t been seen by the public since May 12th, 2013. It is reported that from sun-up to sun-down, he does nothing but make his own music. Recently, a female, (who asked for her name to not be recorded), reported a sighting of darKmatter off of the coast of Cape Verde in Africa, and took this photo of him apparently praising a conch shell. IMG_3359PAUSE: Yo, on the real, that coasts looks beautiful B…Like i’m trying to pull up in Cape Verde for spring break. Anywho, law enforcement was alerted of his whereabouts, yet on arrival to Cape Verde, it seems as if darKmatter has already relocated. Cape Verde locals confirmed his stay there, and many spoke of his questioning and interest in Tokyo, Japan. Anyways, the exact year of his birth is not quite recorded, but it has been passed down from generation to generation that this is not his first time on Earth.

Previously, he was Jesus’ unmentioned disciple, the 13th to be exact, (and yes, there were actually 13 disciples), and days before JC’s crucifixion, the way of the Jews struck him odd, therefore he found a nearby mosque and converted to Islam. Judas found this out, and coincidentally after that, everybody acted like they ain’t know a nigga anymore, so they just quietly parted ways and his name and story were just X’d out the bible B. But it’s all good.

Currently, he’s been placed into a 18 year old college student’s body, and within that 18 years, he’s spent a recorded 17.658 of those in love with music. Within that 17.658 years, he’s been madly in love with hip-hop for 13 of those years…October 31, 2000 to be exact (release from the gods Outkast w/ Stankonia, which is another story for another day). Anywho, somehow I stumbled into contact with darKmatter, and now i have provided him with the username and password for this website in hopes that he will post some of his thoughts as well as any new music he has composed.

And that’s the truth, Ruth.


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